Here’s a selection of my work for TV and newspapers, including Channel 4 Dispatches, BBC Panorama, Channel 4 news, and articles in newspapers including the Sunday Times, Independent, Daily Mail, People, and Sun.



MoD pays compensation for 362 innocent civilians killed by British military in Afghanistan and Iraq

An analysis of MoD compensation data revealed how at least 362 innocent men, women and children were killed by British military action. The death toll included very young children killed in airstrikes and ground combat. The true figure is likely to be much higher, with many civilian families unlikely to come forward, and many claims rejected by the British government.





David Cameron’s father died leaving assets offshore in tax haven of Jersey

This investigation showed for the first time that the Prime Minister’s stockbroker father died leaving assets in the tax haven of Jersey. The Cameron family offshore wealth was disclosed in a legal document filed with courts on the island, where Ian Cameron had helped to run a multi-million pound investment fund. It was broadcast on Channel 4 News during the General Election in 2015.





MPs’ expenses: 46 claim for rent or hotels in London despite owning property nearby

This investigation merged a series of datasets to reveal 46 MPs were claiming expenses for renting, or staying in hotels in the capital, despite owning a home in the city. In some cases, MPs were claiming thousands to live round the corner from homes they owned. The practice is within the expenses rules, and has cost the taxpayer more than £1.3 million since 2012.





More than 6,000 children across England at risk of child sexual exploitation

Using FOI, I obtained figures showing the scale of child sexual exploitation nationwide. The figures were used by Channel 4 News, and followed up by newspapers. In all, more than 6,000 children were reported by councils at being at risk of child sexual exploitation, including babies and toddlers.


CSE investigation graphic




Foetuses incinerated as clinical waste

This investigation for Channel 4 Dispatches, also reported in the Sunday Times, revealed how UK hospitals were incinerating the remains of thousands of miscarried and aborted foetuses, many as clinical waste, and some in waste-to-energy power plants. On hearing our findings the Government immediately banned incineration of foetal remains.

Channel 4 Dispatches and OpenWorld News Amanda Holden Exposing Hospital Heartache

Sunday Times - 'Thousands of foetuses burnt as ward waste'



Comic Relief investing in arms and tobacco companies

This exclusive investigation, published in the People, revealed how Comic Relief was investing millions of pounds of donations in arms, tobacco and drugs companies. My research was later used by the BBC Panorama programme ‘All in a good cause’. The public outcry led to Comic Relief changing its investment strategy.




Working conditions for celebrity beauty products

I started this investigation after seeing that many celebrity beauty products were made in one town in Indonesia. More research raised questions about the working conditions of the people making them. After teaming up with The Sun on Sunday they sent a reporter to look around the factories, and the resulting investigation was published on 20 October 2013.

Sun - 'Workers who are making Katy Perry eyelashes for 8p a pair'



Children missing from council care

This investigation for the Sunday Times found thousands of children, including toddlers and babies, were routinely vanishing from council care. Many children were repeatedly disappearing from children’s homes, and some remain missing after more than a year.

Sunday Times - Missing



Alistair Darling flipping his home

In 2009, before the Telegraph obtained details of MPs’ expenses, I revealed how Chancellor Alistair Darling had flipped his home. This allowed him to claim £70,000 in taxpayers’ money to spruce up his house in Edinburgh. The full scandal of MPs’ expenses claims came to light shortly after and the system was overhauled.

Darling Bags £70k To Do Up Mansion



European Parliament investigation

I spent two months investigating corruption and lax expenses rules in the European Parliament. It revealed how MEPs pocketed thousands of pounds of taxpayers’ money. In undercover footage, Tom Wise MEP boasted how he was able to make “shedloads” from the taxpayer. He was later jailed for expenses related offences.


I Can Make Shedloads As An MEP



Child obesity

Looking into obesity in Britain, I obtained figures from the national Child Measurement Programme revealing the weight of primary school pupils. It showed one ten-year-old girl had been measured at more than 24 stones, adding to fears of continuing obesity problems.

Obesity Alert Over 20 Stone 10 Year Olds



How councils waste your money

This investigation for Channel 4 Dispatches investigated how councils in the UK spend billions in public money. It revealed how millions is wasted on frivolous procurement card spending, and how council leaders spend taxpayers money on perks and expenses. It was also covered in the Sunday Times.


Channel 4 Dispatches How councils waste your money Slide