Cambridge Analtyica Uncovered

In a four-month investigation, the Channel 4 News Investigations Team went undercover for a series of meetings with senior staff in Cambridge Analytica. The investigation won the 2018 British Journalism Awards Investigation of the Year. 


You can watch the videos on the Channel 4 News Youtube channel:


Comic Relief

This exclusive investigation, published in the People, revealed how Comic Relief was investing millions of pounds of donations in arms, tobacco and drugs companies. The research was later used by the BBC Panorama programme ‘All in a good cause’. The public outcry led to Comic Relief changing its investment strategy.




Incineration scandal

This investigation for Channel 4 Dispatches, also reported in the Sunday Times, revealed how UK hospitals were incinerating the remains of thousands of miscarried and aborted foetuses, many as clinical waste, and some in waste-to-energy power plants. On hearing the findings, the Government immediately banned incineration of foetal remains.




Civilian Deaths

An analysis of MoD compensation data revealed how at least 362 innocent men, women and children were killed by British military action. The death toll included very young children killed in airstrikes and ground combat. The true figure is likely to be much higher, with many civilian families unlikely to come forward, and many claims rejected by the British government.