´╗┐Deterring Democracy

In one of the largest leaks ever obtained, the Channel 4 News Investigations Team rebuilt the 5 TB database used by Donald Trump's Presidential campaign, and revealed the secret strategies he used to take the White House.

The revelations included Trump's strategy to deter millions of Black Americans from turning out to vote, and how the US electorate was splintered on racial lines and bombarded with social messages designed to spread fear.

Part 1: Trump campaign strategy to deter millions of Black voters

Part 2: How Trump campaign targets millions of white voters - and activates fears over rioting

Cambridge Analtyica Uncovered

In a four-month investigation, the Channel 4 News Investigations Team went undercover for a series of meetings with senior staff in Cambridge Analytica. 

The investigation won an Emmy, Bafta, and Peabody, as well as as series of Royal Television Society awards and the 2018 British Journalism Awards Investigation of the Year.

Part 1: Secret filming reveals election tricks

Part 2: Secrets of Trump's data firm

The Banks Files

Our long-running series into millionaire British businessman Arron Banks, the self-styled "bad boy of Brexit".

How Brexit 'bad boy' Arron Banks was eyeing a massive Russian gold deal

Election Expenses Exposed

The investigation that uncovered the Conservative Party's election expenses scandal, leading to the court trial of an MP and the conviction of a long-serving party official.

Conservatives appear to have overspent on three by-elections´╗┐

Tories admit failing to declare election campaign spending´╗┐

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